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and now it’s all borken.. and fixed again

What a strange thing happened… All the entries seem to be in place, but is not working when you try to access them. One of those days when you just don’t understand the root of the problem. Ouch… Update: ufff, managed to fix everything. But definitely got some extra grey hair in the process

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New design

Finally, I got around to rebuild the design of the site. Due to decisions taken when designing its first iteration, I basically had to rebuild everything from scratch and then upload everything again. So it’s all new and shiny now, but not yet complete as I am still working on it. Still, quite a reason [...]


Hello world!

Hello everyone who managed to land on my blog. I know, at the moment it doesn’t really look like one, but soon it will be properly populated with items from my portfolio, as well as blog posts, which, I hope, should sometimes be fun and interesting to read. Yet, as of this moment, consider this [...]